WALKING WITH ANCESTORS                              
How it all Began
In 2009 Shirley Penna-Oakes was approached to begin the first Walking with Ancestors event.   EWGS members volunteer to be an ancestor.  Each actor is given a name and photo of a headstone, and required to research the person.  Some members did an reenactment as if that person, as others told their stories through the eyes of a family member.  EWGS members and their friends dress in costumes supplied by The Civic Theater  - at no charge to EWGS. Three stations were marked in Blue, Green, and Yellow, and visitors walked through each station, listening and asking questions of the actors.
Each station had a guide that kept the time allotted on the schedule.  Other organizations participated and had displays for visitors to stop and talk with representatives at the booths.  Society members from Colville had "how-to" activites and EWGS offered genealogy classes. The DAR, SAR, DUV and the GAR also were part of the event in some years.
It was not originally titled Walking with Ancestors.  The original idea was "Dining with the Dead ", but that particular title didn't go over well with the Cemetery Association! Therefore it became Walking with Ancestors.
In 2010 and 2011, it was held at Fairmount Cemetery.  In 2012, the format changed and the presentation was held at Greenwood Cemetery with a "theme" - Remembering Our Civil War Ancestors - to mark the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War.  The 2013 theme was -  The Iron Horse Era in Spokane. - which was also held at Greenwood Cemetery.
Each individual year has been compiled for easy reading.  Just "click" on the year to access these great stories!