New in the Collection

Currently in the cataloguing process: "Two Rivers, One History: Historic Images of the Lewis-Clark Valley", by the Lewiston Tribune and the Nez Perce Historical Society, published in 2010 by Pediment Publishing. This delightful book is full of wonderful images of the area from 1863 to 1939. It will be a great resource for persons with ancestry in the Lewis-Clark Valley.
Also in the cataloguing process: "Visitation of England and Wales" and "Visitation of England and Wales: Notes". The 21 volumes of "Visitations" (1894-1921) together with the 14 volumes of "Notes" contain a vast wealth of English and Welsh pedigrees and supporting documentation. These are out of print and EWGS is trying to acquire all of them for our collection.
The "Visitations" series records the genealogical information contained in the Herald's Visitations of the 16th and 17th centuries. The pedigrees start with the grandparents of the principal person, and contain notices of all descendants of their name, covering five generations in most cases. A significant amount of genealogical and biographical information is given for each person. These volumes consist mainly of pedigrees, but there are also some wills, land records, extractions from parish registers, copies of monument brasses, etc. In addition, the volumes contain illustrations of arms on record at the College of Arms, reproductions of autographs, seals, book-plates, portraits, etc.  EWGS has volumes 8,9,11,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20 and 21.
The "Notes" series contains genealogical data on the older generations of the families discussed in the "Visitations" series, to which they are directly keyed. The "Notes" series contains some pedigrees, but the bulk of the material in these volumes consists of documents, abstracts, and other supporting material. EWGS has volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, and 14.

2014 Memorial Book: It is our intention to choose volumes(4) from the Germans to America series for this year... pending at this time
2013 Memorial Book: Germans to America: Lists of Passengers Arriving at U.S. Ports. edited by Ira A. Glazier and P. William Filby. 929.3089 GERMANS. (this is a continuing series. Our collection has v.1-31; v.32-56 on CD (FTM 356) and v. 57-60

2012 Memorial Book: Opening the Ozarks, First Families in Southwest Missouri. Marsha Hoffman Rising. v. 1-4. 977.87 RISING.

2011 Memorial Book:Winthrop Fleet, Massachusetts Bay Company, Immigrants to New England, 1629-1630. Robert Charles Anderson. 974 ANDERSO

2010 Memorial Book: Honoring members who passed away during 2010, EWGS has added "The Last Muster: Images of the Revolutionary War Generation" by Maureen Taylor to our collection. The Last Muster is a collection of rare 19th century images, primarily daguerreotypes, of the Revolutionary War generation. The seventy images include veterans, loyalists, Native Americans, African Americans, children who witnessed battles and aided soldiers, and women who nursed the wounded and even took up arms themselves. The book will be on the shelves after it returns from cataloguing.

2009 Memorial BooksTo honor those members who passed away during 2009, EWGS has purchased five volumes of the Family Maps Series of Land Patents to add to our collection housed at the Spokane Public Library. These are all the volumes currently available for Washington and Idaho and include Spokane, Whitman, Walla Walla, Asotin, Kootenai and Latah Counties. Having been generated from federal records, this collection is a great replacement for the burned courthouse syndrome.

Forgotten Patriots: African American and American Indian Patriots in the Revolutionary War A Guide to Service, Sources and Studies,
Eric G. Grundsy, editor. Washington, D. C. 2008 National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.
This volume documents 6,600 African American and American Indian Patriots who fought in the American Revolution. Divided by geographical area, it also provides lists of resources for documentation. The book was donated by the Esther Reed Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution based in Spokane.