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According to Reverend Jonathan Edwards, in his History of Spokane County, page 257 "Fort George Wright was founded in 1896. Presumably the cemetery was laid out shortly thereafter. However, no doubt there are burials in this cemetery of some who died years before that, as in 1900 and 1901, the remains of forty-five persons who had been buried in the cemetery at Fort Sherman, Coeur d' Alene, Idaho, were removed and reburied at Fort George Wright Cemetery. In the same years, the remains of forty-one persons were removed from the cemetery at Fort Spokane, and reburied at Fort George Wright Cemetery. The cemetery at Fort George Wright is located at the northern part of the Fort grounds, east of the Great Northern Railway and east of the highway. The cemetery contains not only the remains of those who served in the Army, but also of those who served in the Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and the Air Force, as well as the dependents of military persons, and some civilian employees of the military, as well as some "unknown" and some "unknown child." Inscriptions in this Cemetery were copied May 18, 19, and 23, 1968 by Lee D. Patchen. At that time, the records of the cemetery were repored to be in the care of David Schneider at Fairchild Air Base, Engineering Building No. 2451. Attached data base includes all information recorded in 1968. Names are listed in the order in which they were recorded. It is not known at which end of the cemetery Mr. Patchen started his record.
Lincoln County Cemetery consists of 8 files. The first file (File 1) contains the index and pages 1 through 22
File 2 contains pages 23 through 47
Pages 48 through 70
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A compilation done by Virginia Lewis and Carrie Lartique in 1976 for E.W.G.S. The original "footwork" was done by Weston Lawrence Lartigue. Mr. Lartique worked on more than 150 cemeteries in several local counties. These tombstone listings are contained in 3 files. File One contains pages 1 through 16. The index for the entire listing is contained in File Three.
Contains pages 17 through 36
This file contains the INDEX for the entire series (1 thru 3) and pages 37 through 50
The EASTERN WASHINGTON GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY is pleased to present this microfilm for the use of genealogists and historians everywhere who have an interest in Spokane County. This project was begun when John Ellingson, an EWGS member and also a member of the American Legion, discovered four file boxes of 4x6 cards containing the names of War Veterans who were buried in Spokane County. The cards were about to be destroyed. Fortunately, John was on hand to prevent that from happening. The cards were the result of a two-year project conducted by the Works Progress Administration from 1939-1941 under the supervision of the American Legion, Post No.9 in Spokane, Washington. Walter L. Bogart was the Supervisor for the American Legion Post No.9, and H. R. Bonner was the W.P.A. Supervisor. Graves registered encompass veterans of the following wars: World War I & World War II Korean War Spanish-American War Civil War (both Confederate and Union) Mexican War, Indian Wars and others It is interesting to note that the first burial occurred in 1884; the last in 1954 - a period of 70 years. Since the W.P.A. concluded their efforts in 1941, any later data must have come via the efforts of the American Legion.