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View Record  Beginner's Guide. Getting started in your search for your ancestors. American Historical Society of Germans from Russia. 21p.
View Record  Burlington Northern's Predecessors. Burlington Northern Public Relations Department. nd.
View Record  Calendar Tables, English & American. Edward K.L. Upton. 16p.
View Record  Church Records. Miscellaneous material.
View Record  Draper Manuscripts. James L. Hansen, Ancestry Magazine, Jan-Feb 1985.
View Record  GLO Plats online. Paper presented by Ann Sharley & Dana Komen. 2003.
View Record  Lands: How to obtain Homestead Papers. 2p.
View Record  Manuscript Musings with NUCMC. Papers from presentation by Claudia Hecker. 1990.
View Record  Minorities. Bibliography of genealogical & historical materials for ethnic minority research. Darlene Hamilton. 1982.
View Record  Modern Woodsmen of America. Home Office, Rock Island, Illinois. 1995.
View Record  Preserving your genealogical materials. Tri-State Trader. 4p.
View Record  Research: Social Security research.
View Record  Researching Masonic Records. Heritage Quest, #42. 1992.
View Record  Search Tips, Introducing Family History. C.R.H. Smith. 1975. 20p.
View Record  Search Tips. Genealogy vocabulary. 2p.
View Record  Search Tips. How to organize genealogical research. W. Babcock. June 1959. 4p.
View Record  Search Tips. Is that lineage right? DAR. 1965. 53p.
View Record  Search Tips. Let's climb the family tree & find your roots. J.O. Metzger. 1977. 48p.
View Record  Where to write for birth & death records of U.S. citizens born or died outside of the U.S.
View Record  Writing Aid. Miscellaneous papers on suggestions for writing personal & family history.
Records: 1 to 20 of 20