Find-A-Grave Event-Greenwood Cemetery

The 2020 Find-A-Grave event at Greenwood Cemetery will be postponed until June 2021. 

We had high hopes of holding the event; but there are not currently enough requests. Look for more information Spring 2021. If you have any questions, please contact Patricia Flint (patriciaflint@comcast.net)

Enhancing Your Genealogy Repertoire Seminar

Meetings Cancelled

May and June meetings of the Eastern Washington Genealogical Society have been canceled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Also the two special interest groups that were to meet at the Indian Trail Library will not meet until September at the earliest.

2020 Writing Contest - "Migration"

     The theme of the 2020 writing contest is Migration; that is, moving from one place to another. Sometimes sailing across an ocean is one of the familiar thoughts in seeing the word; or perhaps of those wending their way westward on the Oregon or California Trails; or the Great Migration from the rural south to northern and western states in the early 1900s; or heading to a gold field in Alaska or California; or escaping the Dust Bowl. Simply moving from a rural area to urban (or vice versa) or moving from one state to another are migrations.

     Tell a story of one of your ancestors or their families who migrated from
one place to another. What do you think was the initial motivation? Social,
historical events? Mode of travel? Challenges? How did the journey(s) turn out?

     Guidelines: 12-point Arial font, 1” margins, maximum 6 pages including
references. Send to co-coordinator as a word attachment to
digestcoordinator@ewgsi.org If you do not have Word, save as an rtf file. Do not include your author name within your story. Judges are not to know the writer’s identity.

     Due May 31, 2020. Email me if you have any questions about a story you are thinking about. Please don’t hesitate to drop me a line. I am not a judge, nor will I submit, so I can freely help others. Good luck! Nancy T.

New Tools in the "Internet Tool Box"

We have 3 new areas of Washington State records in the "Internet Tool Box" (menu item at left). They are images and listing of records that Family Search has collected that are browseable (not indexed). 

EWGS Meets at New Location
The Bernardo-Wills Architecture Building where EWGS will meet for at least
2 years. It is located at 153 S Jefferson St,, Spokane, WA 99201 (just south of the Railroad). This picture on the left is the front of the building and
their sign (along Jefferson St.) The view on the right is the front of the building from Jefferson. There are 20 free
spaces in front and lots of parking meters (needing quarters or possibly your smart phone). I (your web manager) have tried the Passport for Parking app with my cell phone. Once it is set up with your vehicle license number and a credit card you can pay for parking with just a few clicks.

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