To Purchase Lunch at Jan 5 Meeting

Our January 5 Meeting includes a soup, sandwich and salad bar for $20.00. The program is described in the "Upcoming Meetings/Events" menu at the left. You can register by mailing your check to EWGS, PO Box 1826, Spokane, WA 99210-1826 or using PayPal (instruction below) to be able to use your credit card. Please do so as soon as possible so food can be ordered. The meeting will be at the Fosseen Room at Mukogawa (4000 W. Randolph Road).
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  • You can enter $20 lunch charge in the blank field OR leave it empty
  • Click on “Buy Now”
  • Enter your e-mail (to receive an email confirmation)
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To Purchase Luncheon at Mukogawa

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