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We're all about Education and supporting our community to discover their roots.  We offer numerous programs, workshops and special interest groups.  To learn more about these, view our menu options.

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Genealogy is one of those subjects that have an infinite life span.  The deeper you dig the more exciting it can be! 
We offer support and help in your journey.  Below is a brief table of what we can provide you.  Our website contains a LOT of information. We hope you will take some time and see what we have for you.  If you need help or have questions, we are here.
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Due to the COVID 19 endemic, EWGS wants to help us stay in contact with our fellow genealogists.  While we can't  always meet face to face, we have chosen to use ZOOM for our meetings.   For details and instructions to participate just click here.
2022 has given us the opportunity to offer Hybrid meetings, In-Person meetings and Virtual meetings.   This new approach has allowed us to keep in touch with you.
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Most Friday mornings,  Jeanne Coe, Lynda Keenan, Duane Beck, Lynn Krogh, Patricia Flint and Donna Phillips (behind the camera)were at the MAC archives. Now their task is completed.  The next phase will be making their efforts available to our community.  We are now in that final phase so come back often to check when you will be able to see these records.
We've also opened biography envelopes for Abraham Lincoln and some others that we wonder why they're included at our MAC. 

Washington State Genealogy

   Washington State Genealogy Society's blog
   (click on the image or go here: https://wasgs.org/blog/ )


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