Greetings!   Past issues of the Digital Digest Quarterly publication will be found here. These issues are available to the public after one year from publication date.   The first issue will begin with our FALL 2011 publication. 
We hope you find the information not only interesting, but also answer some of your questions about your ancestors.
To access the current years' publication you must be  member in good standing.  Society dues are $25 year.   Our Digest is focused on sharing research ideas, stories of the past, history articles and numerous geneaology avenues.   By becoming a member you will gain access to numerous other resources.
Happy Reading!
You must download each issue for viewing.
  You will need a "Reader" application, such as ADOBE ACROBAT READER to view the file.  ACROBAT reader is FREE! Just go to to download the latest version. Follow their installation instructions.   Once you have done this, click on the file name (Fall 2011 Issue).  It will automatically download.  When the file is open, READ the opening page to help you navigate through the pages.  It should be self-explanatory. 
*Click on the file name on the LEFT (under the tab "Digital Digest Archive").