EWGS regular meetings and EWGS events are currently hybrid using ZOOM for virtual access.
Our local venue is The Hive, Spokane, WA   (2904 E Sprague Ave).
Update: February, 2024
Below are the instructions you will need to participate in any of our gatherings.
 EWGS wants to help you stay in contact with fellow genealogists when we can't meet face to face. The method that has been chosen for this task is using Zoom. This can be accomplished with almost any laptop or desktop computer provided there is a webcam and microphone present in the system. One can also use a smartphone or tablet (either iOS or Android). There are many ways you can log into a Zoom meeting.
The easiest is with a computer:  Go to Zoom (zoom.us) and establish a free account. Accepting the default settings on your account is definitely the easiest and they can be edited at a later date. The last part of setting up your account is to download and install the Zoom Client (aka-app, program). At this point you will be ready to "go" to a Zoom meeting.
After an account is set up you can download the Zoom app on your cell phone or tablet. Use the same password you set up your account to log into your app so you'll be ready to attend a meeting using that device. One caution. When setting up your account, check that you will use video (so we can see your smiling face. When logging into a meeting, be sure to use computer Audio as well as video. In some cases you may have to use "system audio."
Finally, when you see an "invitation" for a Zoom meeting it will consist of a link for that meeting. Most often you can just click on that link and enter the meeting. On some devices you may have to enter the meeting ID and a pass code that will be included in the invitation. In many of the meetings you will enter through a waiting room. The host will have to admit you to the actual meeting. This is so we don't get people entering that should not be there.
If you don't have a device to provide video and audio, meetings can be accessed by telephone. Email me for more information. Also, feel free to ask me any questions about attending an EWGS Zoom meeting.    
PLEASE NOTE!!!  Due to security concerns, the link to the meeting will not be posted until the day before our meeting.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact John Wilson at wilsonjb@gmail.com.