New Membership

Thank you for your interest in our organization.
It is that time of the year when we offer a half year membership for the remainder of 2018. 
You can also add membership with Washington State Genealogical Society (WSGS.) NOTE: this is the last year that we will be offering this add on membership.
To join us paying by check please download, complete and mail this form with your payment
To join us using Paypal please follow the onscreen instructions. It is a quick and simple process.
Welcome, and thanks again.
Membership Plan:
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Membership Plans Offered:
Plan Name For Life Maximum Associated Members Annual Fee Partial Year Description
Individual Person(s) No 1 $25.00 Not Offered
Individual Half yr (Jul-Dec) Person(s) No 1 $12.50 Beginning July 1, the fee for this plan is reduced to $12.50. Plan is for July to Dec active membership. for one person joining after July 1st
Couple Person(s) No 2 $25.00 Not Offered
Couple Half yr (Jul - Dec) Person(s) No 2 $12.50 Beginning July 1, the fee for this plan is reduced to $12.50. Use this option if joining after July 1st of the year.
Lifetime (Individual) Person(s) Yes 1 $375.00 Not Offered
Lifetime (Couple) Person(s) Yes 2 $375.00 Not Offered