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Haase-Delzer Cemetery
(Lincoln County)
Odessa, WA
You can view these records at
Sec 19 Twp 22 R 33 - [Odessa Vicinity] or Odessa North country or near Odessa

According to Lartigue's in 1974 in Tombstone Inscriptions of Lincoln County, the "Haase Delzer Cemetery [discontinued]... last burials made in the mid-20's. Remains and stones removed. No trace is left. It is now a plowed field. Located p. 55 of 1911 Atlas on old Christ Jenke farm. Information from Ed Kern and Theodore Lyse.

No documentation or evidence has been found to support that any remains have been removed from this cemetery, and all local accounts now assert that the tombstones were removed from the location of the cemetery to the corner of the field. Work done by the electric and phone companies across that ridge may have buried the tombstones, however, one grave cover was found [2005], which apparently covered the grave of a child. The obituaries and reports that follow are not to be considered complete.

Warranty Deed: Vol 20 page 206. Northern Pacific Railway Co to Christoph Janke; filed Aug 5, 1903 (consideration: $800); Warranty Deed: Vol 59 page 266. Christoph Janke and wife to John Haase, filed Feb 8, 1917. [consideration: $16,000].

Documented burials in the Odessa City Cemetery for the Haase family begin in 1934, for the Delzer family in 1935, and the Janke/Yanke family in the 1920s.

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